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Self-motivated. Self-directed. Self-confident. Self-development.

At Renaissance Montessori Academy, we celebrate the unique nature of every child.  Have you considered a Montessori program for your child’s early education?  The Montessori educational programs we offer are designed to encourage children ages 2½ to 6 to develop in their own individual way.  We support  your child’s exploratory tendencies within an organized environment to give them the freedom to develop their own stride.  As a daycare, preschool & Montessori education center, we guide each child to learn & grow at their own pace, and it usually happens faster than parents expect!

For the families of Parker, we are proud to offer a Montessori Educational program that supports healthy child development.  A Montessori education that begins in preschool helps your child thrive in an environment designed to give them the best opportunity for success.  Our daycare and preschool programs are focused on providing an academic experience that encourages your child to develop self mastery.

Renaissance Montessori Academy’s specially-designed Montessori Programs are meant to give your child the tools to be prepared for each day.  We take a dynamic approach child development: one day, the lessons may be focused on the functions of the human body, while another day might shine light on the earth’s weather patterns and the water cycle.  We also encourage your child’s creativity by offering frequent artistic activities.  Allowing children to constructively express themselves in a multitude of ways is is beneficial for child development.

Our preschool and daycare programs reflect a Montessori teaching philosophy that educates children to take direction while directing themselves and their own learning process.  Here, children are able to move and develop at their own pace within a structured school environment to prepare themselves for a future of excellence.  At Renaissance Montessori Academy, children get to know who they are, and who they can truly be.

Renaissance Montessori Academy offerings:

>  Montessori teaching philosophy that promotes independence, responsibility, leadership and self discipline
>  Kids learn at own pace in a truly collaborative environment
>  Dedicated staff with over 10 years of working with RMA
>  Rich in cultural experience
>  Competitively priced Accredited School

Click here to learn more about the Montessori teaching philosophy.

Renaissance Montessori Academy

Renaissance Montessori Academy

Renaissance Montessori Academy

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